Triumph Real Estate Investments, LLC (TREI) actively invests in Residential, Luxury Residential, Commercial and income producing real estate. They help to secure funds with the vast knowledge and expertise. Creating a Triple Braided Rope their three levels of experts in real estate, construction, and lending professionals takes a lot of the risk out and raises their success in an ever-changing real estate market.

TREI is able to assist in the following transactions:

  •   Private Money Loans
  •   Hard Money Loans
  •   Bridge Loans
  •   Rehab Loans
  •   Asset Based Loans
  •   Commercial Hard Money Loans
  •   Transactional Funding

TREI is dedicated to providing the highest level of transparency in every facet of real estate investing, trust deed investments, and investor education. "We are driven by service, not sales, and are committed to providing our investors with the tools to be more confident in their investment."

Why use Private Money?

Quickly Secure Your Investment Properties

Private money lets you quickly have access to capital and take advantage of investment opportunities as they become available.

Complete More Investment Projects

With Private Money you can buy more properties. Instead of putting all your capital into one property, you can put a small amount into multiple properties.

Increase Your Profits From Your Investments

Use Private Money to generate more profits from multiple properties and grow your business.

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