Our Story

Ceo and Founder, Ignacio Hernandez is the embodiment of the American success story. Born a year after his parents emigrated from Cuba to Miami, Mr. Hernandez made his way through the South Florida construction industry starting as a laborer for a local homebuilder and through the blood, sweat, and tears he worked nearly every position in construction the industry.

Just a short time after, Mr. Hernandez took a bold step and became a General Contractor and opened his own company. “What lead me to this profession, truthfully, was beginning at a humble starting point and falling in love with an industry that seemed unending.

” Before long, Mr. Hernandez became a leader in the Miami market building mostly luxury custom homes. Being on top never stopped him, he always wanted to achieve an even higher goal and in a short time, he began doing land and real estate development for himself. Understanding the Miami market and the construction industry was an extreme asset and soon Mr. Hernandez was breaking sales records for the highest priced home sold in the area time after time again.

Some would think with all this success he would just be stagnant and do the same thing over and over but that simply was not the case, taking out loans frequently, Mr. Hernandez began interested in the "other side" of lending. As he began to study it he fell in love all over again. He took classes through the NY Institute of Finance and all of a sudden his life became a full circle. This was his calling; this is what he was meant to do.

Today Mr. Hernandez enjoys everything that has come before him to get where he is today, "I am able to see through things others can not because I have built, I have developed, I know the area, and I am able to see value others simply can not."

Mr. Hernandez has done what many others before and after him have tried but there is one constant, his transparency and solid word has given him a great reputation and solid track record. "I want to be a man my children are proud of, I always try to make the best decisions for them and in a world where people are here one day and gone the next, I want to be consistent. Someone once said to me 'Mean what you say, and say what you mean', that's it. That's my life's motto. Life is but a vapor hear one minute and gone the next. All you leave behind is your word and your reputation. I want mine to be incredible"

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