At Triumph Real Estate Investments, LLC loans have been arranged by individual promissory notes and mortgages that secure those notes are in turn, held by our investors. Mortgages create a security interest in real estate for the repayment of loans. Mortgages enjoy a priority position with a first or a second on the property and Triumph Real Estate Investments have conservative Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios – resulting in a protective equity cushion for our investors. Investors also have the ability to self-select those mortgages and position in which they would like to invest.

If made correctly, property can be the safest, and most lucrative investment in today’s economic climate. But we believe that knowledge of real estate alone is not enough for the most successful investments. Triumph Real Estate Investments, LLC has a team of professionals with backgrounds in real estate, construction, design, finance, and banking. By marrying this combination of expertise, we are ahead of the competition and perfectly placed to source the very best real estate investments Miami has to offer. 

Mortgage Deed Investments

Investment:                                       Short Term Loans secured by first and second mortgages against real property.

Investment Objective:                      Consistent Passive income with principal protection. Risk mitigation and protection.

Minimum Investment:                       $500,000


Investor Suitability:                           Individuals, trusts and qualified retirement accounts.

Target Investor Returns:                   5% to 10% Annual returns, paid monthly.

Borrower Profile:                             Real estate investors seeking short term financing.

Lien Position:                                   1st position trust and mortgage deeds recorded against real property.

Target Protective Equity:                 25% equity cushion, 75% LTV with risk reduction protection options.

Target Loan Term:                          6 to 60 months.

Target Loan Size:                           $100,000 to $100,000,000

Amortization:                                 Simple interest only with principal payment at maturity.

Repayment Strategy:                     Sale and refinance of the property with 2 exit plans minimum

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